Selected Online Publications

Thank you for reading! Here are links to some recent work that’s been published online.


Older Workers May Need to Update Skills” in The Gainesville Sun, January 2017

Work Hard. Leave on Time. Everyone Wins” in OpenWork, December 2016 

Day of Remembrance Needed for Lynching Victims  in The Gainesville Sun, August 2016.


Maternity Cave” in Hippocampus, March, 2017

Buckle and Sway” in Catapult. March 8, 2016.

Hidden in a Suitcase” in Guernica: a magazine of art and politics. November 16, 2015.



Woodlot in April” in Cleaver, Issue 17, March, 2017

Ash Box” in Baltimore Review, Winter, 2017

“Seven-Card Elegy,” “Elegy for Esabella,” “The Unchanged Woman” in Mezzo Cammin, Vol. 11, Issue 2, Winter 2017